Refresh Your Hair the Way It Deserves This Spring

Spring is a time of renewal and what better way to renew yourself than by giving your hair a spring refresh makeover? A spring clean for your hair routine is the perfect way to get your locks ready for the warmer months ahead.

Deep refresh

Start by clarifying your hair. This will remove all of the build-up, dirt and oil that has accumulated on your scalp and strands. Ain’t nobody got time for hair washing when it’s freezing and dry shampoo build-up is one surefire way to make your hair limp and lacklustre.

Add moisture

Next, give your hair a good deep conditioning treatment. This will help to repair any damage that has been done over the winter months.

Hair refresh

Be proactive

Make sure to protect your hair from the sun and heat damage. The warmer season can be tough on your hair. It’s important to take extra care of it during this time to prepare.

Refresh your tools

Now is a great time to wipe down your straightener & curler, clean the filter on your blow dryer, clean out your hair brush and check the expiry on your products. It’s surprising how much these build up over time! Get the most out of your products and equipment by properly maintaining them.

Get a trim

Visit our award-winning salon to remove any split ends. Cut a little off in order for it to grow back thicker, longer and healthier. If trims are left too long, hair can start to look ratty & brittle at the ends.

If you need a professional refresh, our talented hair artists at Freedom Hair Artistry would love to take care of you and bring back your great hair days.

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