How To Save on Salon Services

Looking for a way to save on your salon services?

Salon memberships are the perfect solution! We have memberships to suit all client and hair types, including:

  • Weekly – Blow Dry including Mini Hydrating Treatments
  • Every 6 Weeks – Regrowth Retouch PLUS Colour Balance (when needed), a Hydrating Spa Hair Treatment and a Ladies Cut & Blow Dry
  • Every 6 Weeks – 1/2 Head of Foils, including Toner, Hot Spa Hair Treatment with Ladies Cut & Blow Dry
  • Every 4 Months – Keratin Taming including Treatment and Ladies Cut & Blow Dry
  • Every 6 Weeks – Toner with Ladies Cut and Blow Wave

Members also get to save:

  • 20% off services outside the membership
  • 10% off retail all year round…


Get regular VIP specials, only offered to members!

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When we first launched our salon membership program, the response was overwhelming!

At first we were only able to offer a limited number of salon memberships per month, but now that we have had time to adjust and find our feet in this program – I am pleased to report that we are now open for more members!

So why decide to be a member outside of the benefits above?

Well, you get to be a part of the community of amazing people we have in our membership program and who catch up regularly for fun social events.

You also hold yourself accountable to getting your hair done regularly – meaning that you’ll look and feel great all year round!

We know what it’s like when life gets in the way.

You have the best intentions to look after yourself and book your hair in regularly, but things pop up and you forget… or tell yourself that it’s not that important.

When you commit to a membership though, you make that appointment each week or every 6 weeks and you know that it’s already paid for – It’s one less thing to worry about.

You know it’s booked and set. So, there’s no excuse to forget or not go! Check out this happy member below:

Having great hair means having great confidence…

And great confidence means you are UNSTOPPABLE with anything you do!

As a member, you also get regular checkins if we haven’t seen you for longer than your membership period (e.g. every six weeks), so you’ll be sure you always get value and you never miss an appointment.

We offer salon memberships as a way of looking after our clients, but also so that you look after yourself too!

If you’d like more information on how our salon membership program works, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us or visit this link.

We would love to book you in for a free consultation and talk further about the benefits of joining our salon membership community!


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