Why We Love Hairdressing!

We LOVE being hairdressers.

It’s not just a job to us, hairdressing is our passion.

From the moment you step into Freedom Hair Artistry, we want you to feel the passion we have for what we do.

We consider ourselves experts at what we do.


Because, we are consistently learning new techniques, updating our product knowledge and staying up to date with new trends and looks.

We love that we are able to be creative and help you express who you are through your hair.

We get to be part of some incredible transformations and the satisfaction we get from that makes all the hours of work so well worth it.

Seeing our clients leave the salon with more confidence and a radiant smile might just be our favourite part.

Being a hairdresser means we get the privilege to listen to your life, share in your wins and be a small part of your special occasion when you are in the salon to get event ready.

Whether it’s a first date, a formal or a wedding. We love being able to be part of your special occasion.

We get to meet so many different people and build a community that is abundant with building you up and making you look and feel amazing.

Hairdressing, is about so much more than cutting and colouring our clients hair.

Our client’s at Freedom are an extension of us and are treated like family.

That’s why we put together our membership programs!

So not only can you experience our VIP service, but you get to save thousands a year on your hair!

You also get to be apart of the amazing community we have created.

If you want to try out our membership experience at membership prices, click here for more information.

You won’t regret it!

P.S. If you still aren’t convinced, click here to read our 10 reasons to get a hair membership!

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