You Have to Free the Frizz this Winter! Here’s Why…

We don’t trust our hair with just anybody and we don’t expect you to either!

We are the experts in frizz free hair and helping you become the confident person you want to be!

If you want smoother, healthier looking hair, you can! Keep reading to find out how!

Firstly, I’m sure you’re thinking, is this treatment for me?

If you suffer from frizzy, damaged, dry or dull hair, then this treatment is especially for you!

If you are one of those people blessed with great hair but want to take it to the next level, then this treatment is also for you!

Keratin smoothing offers a balanced level of protein and hydration to ensure your hair is well nourished, strengthening the bonds making it stronger and ready for any colour treatments in the future.

The treatment also has lactic acid that helps removes all chemical and salt build up on your hair, adding a lot more shine (it’s like exfoliating for your skin).

With just one single treatment you can have more hydration, get rid of your frizz, bring back your shine and have healthier, stronger hair!

And the best part?

There are ZERO chemicals used with this treatment!

So what is we told you, we were giving away $245 of value for just $99 so you could test drive this incredible treatment?

You’d probably wonder why right?

We want you to experience the Keratin difference at Freedom for a fraction of the price so you can brag to your friends and tell them all about us!

For an extremely limited time we are offering:

  • An expert stylist hair & scalp analysis
  • An in-depth hair and smoothing consultation
  • A luxurious de-frizzing hair treatment
  • A deep nourishing shampoo
  • A hydrating conditioner
  • A relaxing head & neck massage
  • A smooth or bouncy blow wave

For just $99!

Now we know you are wondering how to take advantage of this offer aren’t you 😉

Click here >> 

We will see you soon! 😉

Spots are limited!

Freedom Hair Artistry x

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